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Start a Plumbing Business in Estonia

Updated on Monday 21st January 2019

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Start-a-plumbing-business-in-Estonia.jpgForeign entrepreneurs who want to move to Estonia for starting their own businesses have various choices if they want to open small companies. They can open home-based catering businesses or plumbing companies, for example.

Those who want to open plumbing businesses in Estonia do not need any special licenses for their companies, however, they are advised to join professional associations or undergo specific training for providing such services.

Below, our company formation consultants in Estonia offer information on how to set up a plumbing business in this country.

Estonian company formation requisites for a plumbing business

Those who want to open plumbing companies in Estonia are advised to:

  • -          choose an appropriate business form in accordance with the size of their business;
  • -          have the documents related to the registration of the company prepared by professionals;
  • -          submit the necessary information related to the registration of the company with the Trade Register;
  • -          find a suitable location where the company can be easily found by potential clients;
  • -          register for tax, VAT and employment purposes with the tax authorities.

Our company registration agents in Estonia can guide foreigners who want to open plumbing businesses here.

Licenses and permits for plumbing companies in Estonia

Even if there are no special requirements in terms of licensing when starting a plumbing business in Estonia, these companies must respect the regulations imposed under the environmental regulations. The employees of the company must use products which respect the environmental norms applicable in Estonia.

Why open a plumbing company in Estonia?

Estonia has developed a lot in the last few years and the possibility of starting a business has become easier as the authorities have enabled various programs for those who want to open small businesses, such as plumbing companies.

Plumbing businesses can operate in small towns or large cities in which the construction of properties has flourished, and such services have become very sought.

If you want to start a plumbing business in Estonia and need assistance or information about the requirements, our local company formation advisors can help you set it up, so do not hesitate to contact us.


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