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New Company vs. Shelf Company in Estonia

Updated on Tuesday 31st August 2021

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Estonia has a free economy and the country maintains a modern market economy. The country’s capital city, Tallinn is an important economic and business center. Foreign investors who want to open a company in Estonia have various options when choosing a type of legal entity. 
Types of companies in Estonia
There are five main types of companies in Estonia: general partnerships, limited partnerships, sole proprietorships, private limited liability companies, public limited liability companies. According to the type of company, investors need to submit a minimum share capital (2,500 euros for a private limited liability company). Other types of legal entities, such as the general partnership, do not require a minimum capital.
Entrepreneurs who want to open a new company in Estonia are required by law to register their company at the Estonian Commercial Register and draw up the Articles of Association. All documents required for the registration of a new company in Estonia need to be submitted either in Estonian or accompanies by a notarized translation.
Our company formation experts in Estonia can help you open a new company and prepare all the necessary documentation. By choosing to do so, you are in charge of the incorporation procedure and we will ensure that the entire process runs smoothly.
We are also at the services of those interested in using the private limited company in Estonia for creating a new business.
Shelf companies in Estonia
Investors who want to purchase a ready-made company in Estonia usually want to start their business right away. Shelf companies, or ready-made companies, are already registered in the Estonian Commercial Register and are ready to use right away. They also come with Estonian VAT numbers.
Only a few procedures need to be performed before business owners can start their new commercial activity in Estonia: the necessary share capital must be submitted and the sales-purchase transaction needs to be authenticated by a notary in Estonia. 
Our company incorporation specialists in Estonia will help you start your business immediately. Moreover, we can help you open a bank account in Estonia for your new business.
For further information about company management and applicable taxes in Estonia, please contact office in Estonia. 

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