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How to Relocate a Business to Estonia

Updated on Tuesday 28th September 2021

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How-to-relocate-a-business-to-Estonia.jpgForeign investors have plenty of opportunities when it comes to the EU market for starting a new business. One of the most attractive countries at the moment is Estonia which offers a unique option: that of acquiring e-residency for the sole purpose of opening a company.

There are also investors with successful companies in other countries who choose to relocate their businesses instead of closing them. The option of relocating a company in Estonia is simpler with the new e-residency program.

Below, our company incorporation agents in Estonia explain how you can relocate your company here.

We also invite you to watch our video on company relocation in Estonia:

Options for moving an existing business in Estonia

Foreign investors have two possibilities when it comes to having an existing business operate on the Estonian market. These are:

  • -          relocating the existing company from one country to Estonia;
  • -          opening a subsidiary or a branch office of the foreign company in Estonia.

Our local consultants can explain the differences between these two options.

What does it imply to move a business to Estonia?

Relocating a company to Estonia implies several important steps, among which:

  1.        verifying if the Estonian market suits the business’ interest and object of activity;
  2.        checking the requirements related to the company registration procedure in Estonia;
  3.        reviewing the business licensing procedures and if any special permit is needed;
  4.        closing down the company in the home country, unless a subsidiary or branch office is considered for operating in Estonia;
  5.        hiring new employees or relocating the existing ones in the Estonian company.

It is also advisable to request the services of specialists when relocating a business to Estonia. Our company formation advisors in Estonia can explain the steps related to moving an existing business or opening a new company in this country.

We are also at your service if you want to obtain Estonia e-citizenship.

Why relocate a company to Estonia?

There are many reasons for which foreign entrepreneurs decide to relocate their companies to Estonia. Among these, the openness to foreign investments from the government and the easy company registration process are just two of them.

Estonia is one of the most prolific economies among the Baltic states and offers important business opportunities.

We remind investors that relocating a company in Estonia means registering a company according to the local legislation. Also, the relocation of employees implies applying for work and residence permit for them.

Estonia can also be a good choice to relocate a company involved in cryptocurrency trading. Our team can help those interested obtain the Estonia crypto license.

Please contact us if you need assistance in moving your business to Estonia.


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