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Virtual Office in Estonia

Updated on Thursday 30th April 2020

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Investors who decided to open a company in Estonia have now the possibility to opt for a virtual office, a much more flexible and comfortable choice, allowing them to benefit from a professional office but without the cost implied by a traditional, physical location.  Furthermore, this type of office has managed to prove its efficiency over times due to its low startup costs and risks. The company owner can run his business from a distance, saving a lot of time by avoiding traffic and also saving money not being compelled to rent a physical space, employ people, pay utilities and certain taxes in Estonia.  

Who are virtual offices suitable for and why?

Any business owner can use this service and take advantage of the benefits it offers, but there are certain types of setups that would especially benefit from a virtual office in Estonia due to their particular characteristics. These are either new companies established by foreign investors, that can use this method when they first set up their business, or already registered companies in Estonia that need a point of contact in another city. The manager can start by using a virtual office and then, if his business grows according to his expectations, can decide to invest further. 
There are also businesses that do not require any actual company setup in Estonia, but rather just a simple method of maintaining communication with their business partners in this country. They could benefit too from the advantages offered by a professional and prompt virtual office in Estonia.
We invite you to read about how to buy an Estonian virtual office in the infographic below:
Virtual Office in Estonia

Why choose our virtual office package in Estonia?

Over time we managed to create a complete and complex package including all the services necessary to an investor that decides to start his activity in Estonia. We constantly work on improving and updating our proposals and also offer personalized consultancy so that our clients find here the most suitable services package for their companies.
By choosing us, our clients will benefit from a professional office in Estonia at the highest standards for only a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. Our clients will receive a prestigious business address which they will be able to safely use for their business correspondence. We will collect their mail and send it to them according to their instructions either by mail, fax or email. They will also have access to a local phone number in Estonia, incoming and outgoing faxes and voice mailbox, so all their voice messages will be forwarded to them by email. Our service package also includes registered office necessary for establishing an Estonian company
For more complex requests, our company formation specialists in Estonia are able to offer clients even several additional services, such as a dedicated fax service, with their own private and dedicated number, collection of bank statements and extra usage of the meeting room. We can also use call redirecting, a technology that enables call redirection to our clients primary number.
Our company has a vast experience in virtual offices and company formation services in Estonia. For further information or a personalized offer please contact our consultants in company formation.

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