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Start a Company in the Healthcare Industry in Estonia

Updated on Tuesday 12th November 2019

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start-a-company-in-the-healthcare-industry-in-estonia.jpgSetting up a company in Estonia is easy and rapid. All the applications can be forwarded online and the time needed to open a company here is around 15 minutes. It is, though, required to fulfill certain requirements to operate a company in the healthcare industry in Estonia.

How to set up a company in the healthcare industry in Estonia

When setting up a company in the healthcare industry in Estonia, a license from the Centre for Registers and Information Systems might be required.
After finding out if your company needs any special licenses, the following steps are required:
Open a company in Estonia: this can be achieved either electronically or by visiting a notary. You will have to ensure that correct EMTAK (Estonian Classification of Economic Activities) code was issued. It is important to note that only one activity can be selected. In case you want to activate in more fields, the one which you expect to make the biggest income has to be assigned as the field of activity. Our company registration advisors in Estonia can assist you to set up a company in this country;
Acquit the state fee for filing for a license application, since the amount of the state fee differs from every license;
Submitting the notice or application, and, conditioned by the activity field, file it to the appropriate registrar, government body or local authority. 
The economic activity announcements are registered in maximum one business day. Applications for licenses are researched in maximum 30 days and when the license is obtained, they are automatically registered in the register.
If you need medical services in other countries, such as Romania, we can put you in touch with our local partners. 

A brief summary of the healthcare industry in Estonia

Estonia has attained a solid level of ongoing yearly economic development in the last years which is beyond the EU average.
There are several increasing trends which can be noticed in the economic field, like the unemployment rate declining. Our Estonia company formation consultants can help entrepreneurs who are interested to set up a company in the healthcare sector in Estonia.
Since the late ‘90s, there has been a rising birth rate and the life expectancy is lower than the EU average, however, it has continuously increased since 1999.
There has been registered a high vaccination rate and a declining incidence rate for communicable diseases.
If you have further questions about the healthcare industry in Estonia, or for assistance in opening a company in this country, please do not hesitate to contact our company formation representatives in Estonia.

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