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Set Up a HORECA Company in Estonia

Updated on Thursday 15th March 2018

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set-up-a-horeca-company-in-estonia.jpgIn Estonia, the direct contribution of the travel and tourism industry to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) was EUR 0.8 billion (USD 0.9 billion), which accounts for 4% of the entire GDP, in 2016. This number is expected to increase to 4.3% of the total GDP in 2027 in this country. This large growth of the travel and tourism industry in the country also caused the adjacent industries to develop. Among them, the hotel-restaurant-café sector, known as the HORECA sector, registered a significant increase, as well.
Foreign investors who want to open a HORECA company in Estonia have to follow certain rules and regulations imposed by the local legislation. Our Estonian company formation consultants can help investors who are interested in opening a business in the HORECA industry in Estonia.

How to open a HORECA business in Estonia

When setting up a HORECA business in Estonia, first, the most appropriate type of business structure has to be selected.
The most popular type of business vehicle in this country is the private limited liability company (OU).
A private limited liability company in Estonia should have a unique name, which can be in English or in Estonian.
The minimum share capital necessary for such legal entity is EUR 2,550 divided in shares owned by shareholders, with a minimum value of EUR 6.4 per share.
The shareholders can register the shares in the Estonian Central Securities Register, as well, however, it is not mandatory.
Our company formation advisors in Estonia can assist entrepreneurs who are interested to open such a company in Estonia.

Licenses required for HORECA businesses in Estonia

After the company has been registered in the country, the HORECA company in Estonia has to obtain different licenses in order to be able to operate.
 If you intend to open a restaurant in Estonia, it is important to note that food safety is taken extremely seriously by the local authorities.
According to the Estonian legislation, restaurants in this country cannot operate without obtaining a specific license. 
This license is compulsory for businesses which handle or process food so that it can be delivered to their customers.
Our company registration agents in Estonia can help you in obtaining all the necessary information related to this type of license.
If, on the other hand, you want to open a hotel here, one of the main aspects related to opening such a business is obtaining a special license according to the hotel classification system which is available in this country.
Hotels in Estonia are classified based on the star system, with 1-star ones (which provide the minimum accommodation services) and 5-star hotels being those which offer a high-quality range of services.
For further questions related to opening a HORECA business in Estonia, or if you would like to open an Estonian company, please contact our friendly staff.

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