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Set Up a Dental Clinic in Estonia

Updated on Monday 20th March 2023

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Set-Up-a-Dental-Clinic-in-Estonia.jpgLocal and foreign entrepreneurs who want to open companies in the healthcare industry in Estonia can create various types of businesses. Among these, dental practices are very profitable. Foreign dentists are also allowed to practice in Estonia by setting up their own dental clinics or by getting hired by a local clinic.

No matter the way one wants to set up a dental practice, our Estonian company formation consultants can explain the requirements related to registering the chosen business form for the clinic.

Register a company when opening an Estonian dental office

There are two main ways of starting a dental clinic in Estonia, by registering as a sole proprietorship or by incorporating a limited liability company with the Trade Register.

No matter the option, both types of structures will be subject to the same requirements when it comes to the authorizations they need to obtain with the Ministry of Social Affairs. It is also advisable for the dentist, no matter if they are Estonian citizens or not to register with the Estonian Dental Association in order to be more visible on the market and attract more clients.

It should be noted that in the case of foreign professionals, they must have their diplomas recognized by the Ministry for Social Affairs before starting practicing.

Our company registration agents in Estonia can help with the incorporation of the chosen business form. They can assist you through the entire process of opening a company in Estonia

We can also assist you in establishing a fintech business in Estonia. In Estonia, a crypto license is required to conduct any activity that involves the creation or usage of digital currency. Our agents can assist you in choosing the appropriate type of permit for the services you will be offering. Contact us for details right away!

Requirements in the dental industry in Estonia

Foreign investors who are not dentists are allowed to open dental clinics in Estonia as long as they hire professionals to offer the services promoted.

It is important to know that in order to offer services in an Estonian dental practice, the following requirements apply:

  • -          specialists must have at least 3,5 years of practice in a dental clinic before starting their own business;
  • -          dental technicians are also required to have at least 3,5 years of previous experience;
  • -          dental nurses must follow a 3,5 year of training and them must register with the Healthcare Board in Estonia;
  • -          dental hygienists are not subject to a specific period of training, as this profession is new in Estonia.

Those who work in dental cabinets must also comply with the Employment Law in Estonia. We can also help you apply for Estonian digital citizenship.

For assistance in setting up a dental clinic in this country, please contact our Estonian company formation representatives.

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