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Selling Tobacco Products in Estonia

Updated on Monday 08th January 2018

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Selling-Tobacco-Products-in-Estonia.jpgTobacco sales in Estonia

Estonian companies that want to engage in the wholesale or retail sale of tobacco products must obtain a special license and observe the provisions of the Law on Excise Duties applicable for such products.
Estonia has seen a stable development in the sale of tobacco products in the last few years, despite the growth in tobacco excise taxes that enabled companies to increase the prices of the products. Cigarettes remain the preferred tobacco products, but other options include cigars, cigarillos and smoking tobacco. Smokeless tobacco products are also sold in Estonia, such as chewing tobacco and other products that do not produce smoke.
Any import and export activities that involve tobacco products must be registered with the Commercial Register. Our company registration consultants in Estonia can help you become a registered trader or producer of tobacco products in Estonia.

Taxes on selling tobacco in Estonia

Excise duty is imposed on tobacco products manufactures in Estonia, those transported to Estonia from another EU state or imported for free circulation. Registered traders that commercialize such products are required to pay the excise duty by the fifteenth day of the next month as of the month the cigarettes and other products were received. Tobacco products for which the excise duty has been paid must have a special revenue stamp. These special markings can be ordered from the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.
Our Estonian company formation experts can give you additional information about the requirements applicable for traders in order to obtain the revenue stamp.

License for selling tobacco products in Estonia 

Companies registered with the Commercial Register that sell tobacco products in Estonia must obtain a license from the Licensing Commission of the State Revenue Service. The documents required for this license must be submitted by the official company representative or an authorized person. An application form must be filed and the permits can be issued in paper or electronic form. 
The license for distributing tobacco products in Estonia is valid for an indefinite period of time and it can only be used by the merchant for whom it was issued. The application can be re-submitted if it was rejected the first time.
Please contact our company registration agents in Estonia if you need assistance for obtaining the license for selling tobacco products.

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