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Open a Tea and Coffee Shop in Estonia

Updated on Monday 20th March 2023

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Open-a-tea-and-coffee-shop-in-Estonia.jpgThe number of tea and coffee shops has increased substantially in many European countries in the last few years as a result of the tourism industry. Estonia makes no exception from this rule as it attracts many tourists on a yearly basis.

Foreign investors are welcome to open companies here considering the incentives and the easy company registration procedure the Estonian government has put at their disposal recently. They can also set up tea and coffee shops in Estonia provided that they comply with the regulations imposed by the legislation in this industry.

Our company formation agents in Estonia can offer information on the legislation related to starting a tea and coffee shop here.

Laws to be respected by Estonian tea and coffee shops

Both local and foreign entrepreneurs opening tea and coffee shops in Estonia must respect the same laws, among which the most important ones are:

  1.           the Company Law which requires them to register companies before starting their activities;
  2.           the Trading Law which provides for the requirements related to selling coffee and tea;
  3.           the Consumer Protection Law which provides for the protection of those buying goods, including coffee and tea;
  4.           the Economic Activities Code which provides for the freedom of carrying out an economic activity in Estonia;
  5.           the Alcohol Law and the Tobacco Act if the coffee shop will sell any of these products.

Our Estonian company formation consultants can assist with the registration of the chosen business form when opening a tea and coffee shop.

You can also rely on our company registration advisors if you want to apply for a crypto license in Estonia. The procedure is fairly simple, however, it requires attention when drafting the paperwork. If you are interested in such a business endeavor, do not hesitate to get in touch with us for guidance!

Requirements for selling tea and coffee in Estonia

Shops selling tea and coffee in Estonia must comply with the following requirements:

  • -          obtaining a food handling license, if the shops also serve basic food products;
  • -          the labeling requirements which impose companies to sell tea and coffee which have labels translated into Estonian;
  • -          having the necessary documents which attest the provenience of the coffee and tea sold;
  • -          applying for import licenses if the products are brought from outside the country;
  • -          respecting the health and fire safety regulations imposed by the local authorities.

For assistance in opening a tea and coffee shop, please contact our company registration advisors in Estonia. You can also rely on us for tax-related services. Accounting is not only about filing financial statements and keeping records updated. This is why there are various specialists that work in this field. Some of our accounting services in Estonia cover HR and payroll, which can be quite complex as it encompasses employment legislation elements. So, contact us if you need support in this area.

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