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Open a Hair Salon in Estonia

Updated on Monday 20th March 2023

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Open-a-Hair-Salon-in-Estonia.jpgEstonia is one of the most prolific economies in the Baltic region and the European Union, as it offers great development possibilities to those who want to start doing business here. Foreign investors are attracted by the e-residency program which allows for an easy Estonian company formation procedure in various industries. Among these industries, the beauty sector has become quite popular in the last few years.

Those who want to open a company in Estonia in the beauty industry can set up a hair salon which is one of the cheapest options in this sector. Our local agents explain the requirements for setting up a hair salon in Estonia.

Legislation in the beauty industry Estonia

Those who want to have their own business and decide to create a beauty parlor in Estonia must comply with several laws and follow a few steps. Among the laws that provide for the opening of such business are the Company Law which requires for every economic activity to be completed through one of the business forms available and the specific legislation in beauty sector which is represented by the Public Health Law.

Steps to register a hairdresser’s shop in Estonia

The opening of a hair salon in Estonia will imply:

  • -          drafting a solid business plan which will help the company achieve their purpose;
  • -          registering the company with the Companies Register Office in Estonia;
  • -          finding a suitable location which enables an easy access to the hair salon;
  • -          obtaining the licenses and passing the inspections for opening the hair dresser’s shop;
  • -          hiring specialized personnel which can offer the services mentioned in the company’s charter.

Our company formation consultants in Estonia can help with the registration of the selected business form. In case you need othr types of services, for example a hair transplant at an affordable cost, we recommend our partners - If you need to know the cost of a hair transplant, contact our partners and they will send you a personlized offer.

Why open a hair salon in Estonia?

A hair salon can work very well as a small family business or as a medium-sized company, depending on the amount of money the investor wants to allocate to the business and the services it will offer. The hairdresser shop can also be a great investment opportunity for people with qualifications in the beauty industry in Estonia.

If you are planning to open a hair salon and need guidance, do not hesitate to contact our company registration representatives in Estonia.

Cryptocurrencies are widely used nowadays and allow businesspeople to invest in a variety of ways. You must apply for a crypto license in Estonia if you wish to launch such a firm. This kind of business permit is simple to obtain; nonetheless, you can count on our regional representatives to assist you in this regard.


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