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Open a Company in the Energy Sector in Estonia

Updated on Sunday 28th January 2018

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open-a-company-in-the-energy-sector-in-estonia.jpgThe local government adopted the national development plan of the energy sector in Estonia until 2030 in October of 2017. According to this plan, the country should have a functioning, open and free fuel and electricity market by 2030. In this article, our Estonian company formation advisors explain different aspects related to setting up a company in the energy sector in Estonia.

The Electricity Market Act of Estonia

According to the Electricity Market Act of Estonia, an electricity company can be a public limited company or a private limited company in the country which is registered in the Commercial Register or which is in the process of being registered. 
A company which is engaged in the electricity industry in Estonia must obtain an authorization to:
Generate electricity, except when the producer utilizes generating installations with a total net capacity of under 100 kW, and when the transmission network operator creates electricity in an emergency reserve power station;
Provide network services through a distribution network;
Provide network services through the transmission network;
Sell electricity;
Carry electricity via a direct current line which crosses the national border;
Carry electricity through a direct line.
The applications for the authorization are decided by the Competition Authority in maximum 60 days from the date of applying for it. 
Our company formation consultants in Estonia can assist you in setting up such a legal entity in the country.

Documents required to obtain the electricity authorization in Estonia

Among the documents needed to obtain this authorization, the following are required:
The definition and schematic layout of the service zone, in case of the provision of network services via a distribution network;
The maximum rated operating voltage of the line, the length of the line, the schematic layout of it and the geographic coordination in case of carrying electricity through a direct line or direct line crossing the Estonian border;
The document which proves the conformity to the condition stated in the Electricity Act of Estonia, in certain cases. Our company registration agents in Estonia can provide further details on what these cases are. We can also assist you to open a company in the energy sector in Estonia.
For more details about the energy industry in Estonia, or for assistance to open an Estonian company, please feel free to contact us.

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