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Company Management in Estonia

Updated on Monday 08th January 2018

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Company management in Estonia means more than to be a successful and visionary entrepreneur. Equally important is to ensure that your organization complies with all existing laws, regulations and business practices.

The larger the company is, with a complex structure, the harder it is to control and to ensure transparency and compliance with laws and regulations. Medium-sized enterprises have the advantage of a shorter chain of command, but the law must still be satisfied, in order to comply with the Estonian business practices.


Any company, regardless of its established form, must be managed by an executive board, in charge with the company's rights, obligations and responsibilities. Board member must do everything to ensure that the company operates and develops its activity ​​in accordance with law provisions. Board members are responsible for all areas (marketing, sales, financial management) and are jointly responsible for the decisions taken in the company’s name, unless otherwise noted.


An important part in the company management in Estonia consists in the compliance with the state authorities. In this sense, the company must register with the Tax and Customs Office for VAT purpose, which means that the company must add sales tax to the final price. From the customer, the VAT can be offset against the company's own products and services purchased by the VAT paid on. The company must also notify the Labor Inspectorate for each new employee and there must also be paid the tax for Health Insurance Fund and social tax.


The company must also be aware of the relation with its business partners. This issue is also part of the company management in Estonia. In a difficult economic situation, not all service providers are trustful. Executive Board members are responsible to check the partners and this can be done via two Estonian portals, KREEDIX and KREDIIDIINFO , which can provide the primary information of board members and their payment behavior. Primary information is free.


The board members also need to familiarize with the laws of the entrepreneurial activity or to ask for an expert advice. For example, although usually ordered in accounting services, all accounts must be signed and approved by the member board of the company. Therefore, it would be wise to gather all the information and legal aspects on the accounting principles. In this sense, in the company management in Estonia is also included knowledge on the applicable rules and regulations, for example Commercial Code, which regulates the company’s activities, Tax information for taxes and regulations in force, Personnel information about labor regulations, accounting information, agreements documents.


By working with us, or experts allow instant overview of all the activities that affect the statutory responsibilities, by offering governance, risk and compliance analysis, which helps you to monitor what’s happening in your company. Our services also ensure specific analysis on all relevant information about the decision-making and the use of all laws, regulations and obligations implied for company management in Estonia.  Our company formation specialists in Estonia are ready to provide you with the consultancy you need.


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