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The Estonian Trade Register

Updated on Monday 08th January 2018

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The-Estonian-Trade-Register.jpgAbout the Estonian Trade Register

The Estonian Trade Register is also known as the Business Register and is part of a larger platform called the Center of Registers and Information Systems. The Business Register offers access to an electronic database about Estonian companies and it also gives investors the opportunity to make online applications for company registration in Estonia.
Those who want to open a company in Estonia can also access the Company Registration Portal, also part of the Business Register. The Center of Registers and Information Systems falls under the management of the Estonian Ministry of Justice. The main role of the Business Register in Estonia is to deal with company registration in Estonia, as well as to keep an updated database with details about the existing companies. All new companies in Estonia must register with the Business register, according to the Estonian legislation. Moreover, any changes made regarding the company must be announced, so that they can be modified in the database.
Those who want to open company in Estonia and need to know more about the registration process can contact our Estonian experts for any questions.

Using the Estonian Business Register

Any citizen can view the available public data regarding an Estonian company. Estonian citizens can also log into the Business Register using their ID card. In order to search for the company, one must know the code or business name of the legal entity. Companies may also be searched according to their location or business field.
A simple query will contain the following information about the Estonian company: general data, company debts, annual reports, and statutes, personal and commercial data. Small fee rates of 1 or 2 euros apply for checking information. The documents related to the company and the company’s annual reports can be visualized free of charge.

The Estonian Company Registration Portal

Foreign investors in Estonia have the option to register a company online. Using the same business portal, the Centre of Registers and Information Systems, Estonian, Portuguese, Belgian, Finnish or Lithuanian citizens can log into the Company Registration Portal and register a new company. This simplified procedure is very useful for those who want to open a company in Estonia. Business associations, sole proprietorships and non-profit associations can be registered this way. Also, the portal allows business owners to make any necessary notifications regarding the changes made to the company information.
Our company registration consultants in Estonia can help you with detailed information about the online company registration procedure and all the necessary requirements. You request our services if you want to open an Estonian company.
Please contact our company formation specialists in Estonia for a personalized consultancy. For more detailed and complex information regarding legal issues, clients can rely on our partner lawyers in Estonia


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