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Company Formation Estonia



Open a Crowdfunding Company in Estonia

Updated on Monday 08th January 2018

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open-a-crowfunding-company-in-estonia.jpgEquity crowdfunding represents a system through which a large group of investors is able to fund start-up and small companies in exchange for equity. The investors inject capital into a business and in return, they get to own shares in that company. And when the business succeeds, the value of the shares in that business increases, as well. 

Registering a crowdfunding firm in Estonia

Investors who intend to open a crowdfunding platform in Estonia have to register the company first in the country. Our Estonian company formation agents can help with the entire registration procedure of a business here.
The steps required when an investor wants to open a company in Estonia are:
Choosing a name for the company;
Verifying the availability of the business name;
Registering the business at the Commercial Register;
Registering the business as a VAT payer;
Registering all the employees at the Employee Registry.

Legislation connected to crowdfunding in Estonia

When it comes to the crowdfunding market in Estonia, our company formation consultants in Estonia would like to note that this segment is not regulated by laws in this country.
The crowdfunding scene in Estonia is generally regulated by a good practices guide, generated by the FinanceEstonia crowdfunding task-force.
The platforms which have adhered to these guidelines are more open, safer and more transparent. The regulated platforms are those which are dealing with loans, which require a special permit from the financial inspection.

Considerations related to crowdfunding in Estonia

Investors who want to open a crowdfunding company in Estonia should consider different aspects, such as:
Being able to manage a large group of investors and the administrative tasks which come along;
Making sure that the investors do not gain control of the company, if this is not the intention;
Should the share capital be divided into classes of shares to ensure permanent control?
Changing the Articles of Association so that the business can communicate electronically with the shareholders;
Other considerations: our company registration advisors in Estonia can provide more details related to what these other considerations are.
If you are interested in setting up an Estonian crowdfunding business and you need help, please speak to our company formation advisors in Estonia.


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