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Estonia - a Competitive Economy

Written by: Editor

Estonia is an attractive place for foreign investors because of the local economy which is highly developed and a has favorable business environment based on the openness and flexibility principles. As follows, our Estonian company formation advisors explain why Estonia is a competitive economy which attracts numerous investors from all over the world.

Estonia according to the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report

The World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report, which indicates the national competitiveness, confers Estonia a competitiveness score of 4.85, which implies that the country is ranked well among the 137 states listed in its index.
This index is collected based on the rankings of 12 aspects, among which there are the institutions, the infrastructure, the macroeconomic environment, the goods market efficiency and so on. Our company registration consultants in Estonia can offer assistance in opening a company in this country.
Estonia is performing well in the macroeconomic environment and the health and primary education pillars, being ranked the 15th and respectively the 19th among the 137 indexed states.

Economic flexibility in Estonia

Estonia is also performing well in the economic flexibility sector, which has an important role in the labor market, enabling responding to market signals.
The economical restructuration has also led to the new adoption of the Labor Law, applied starting with 2009. Our Estonian company formation agents can offer more information related to this law.
The local government offers the basis for the much-needed incentives for the development of human capital and confers great opportunities for the regulation of the labor market, with unemployment insurance and retraining openings. 
Recently, the local wages were lower than the average EU ones and, after effectuating the necessary corrections, the average salary is due to increase according to the whole economic development.

Reasons to invest in Estonia

Estonia is a country which offers numerous reasons to invest in to foreign entrepreneurs. Among them, our company formation representatives  in Estonia would like to mention:
a solid and liberal economic policy;
an extremely trained and flexible workforce;
a favorable geographical location;
an EU member state.
For more on why Estonia is a competitive economy, or for help to open an Estonian company, please feel free to speak to our friendly staff.


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