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Estonia E-Citizenship

Updated on Tuesday 05th October 2021

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Estonia-E-CitizenshipEstonia is one of the most technologically advanced countries in Europe and the first to introduce the concept of e-residency. This happened because most of the governmental services available for the general population and businesses are online, which means tax returns and various documents that need to be obtained can be done via the internet.
With such a good organization, e residency followed by Estonia e-citizenship came naturally. What does it entail, who can obtain it and how? These are the questions this articles answers.
Our company formation specialists in Estonia are at your services with detailed information and guidance in opening a business in this country.

What is the Estonia e-residency program?

The e-residency or Estonia digital citizenship scheme is a program dedicated to foreign entrepreneurs from countries all over the world who can and want to conduct businesses in an online environment by obtaining a digital residence permit. It also addresses persons who work remotely. Its main advantage is that it can be addressed by both EU and non-EU citizens from the furthest countries in the world.
You should be aware that e-citizenship in Estonia implies obtaining a physical document that will grant access to a controlled digital platform which will enable you to complete various actions online.
If you want to open a company in Estonia through an e-resident pass you can rely on our local specialists.

Estonian e-citizenship and its requirements

The following persons can apply for Estonia e-citizenship which is not the same as holding an Estonian passport:
  1. entrepreneurs who want to set up companies in Estonia directly from their home countries;
  2. business owners who want to carry out remote operations in Estonia;
  3. freelancers who can work from anywhere in the world and want to have a business establishment in Estonia;
  4. people whose work enable them to work from country to country, the so-called digital nomads.
If you are interested in obtaining Estonia digital citizenship and start a business, our company registration advisors in Estonia are at your disposal for assistance in both matters.

How to apply for Estonia e-citizenship

The procedures of obtaining e-residency and e-citizenship are not complicated, as they can be completed online. All you need to do is to submit an application form which is verified by the Estonian police who will also run a background check before issuing the card. Following that, you will need to establish a day when to go and pick up the digital ID from the Estonian embassy or consulate in your country.
It should be noted that upon pickup, you need to go in person and show a valid identification paper (usually, the passport is required). There, you must also have your fingerprints verified.
You can ask our local agents for more information on the procedure of obtaining Estonia e-citizenship.

The e-resident card in Estonia

Obtaining an e-residency card in Estonia implies being issued a digital identification card with two PIN numbers which will enable you to digitally authenticate on various platforms and sign documents. Digital signatures are legal in Estonia, just like in most European countries.

Unlimited options as an Estonian e-citizen

Estonia e-residency is a practical way of starting a business or moving a company to Europe and gaining access to the European Union, thanks to the fact that the country is a Union member state.
As an e-residency holder, you will be able to:
  • - create and run an Estonian business from anywhere in the world;
  • - open an Estonian bank account;
  • - obtain an electronic signature;
  • - file tax returns in Estonia.
Basically, you can do anything that you would be able to if you would live in Estonia.
If you are interested in setting up a company in Estonia but are not sure yet if e-citizenship is the solution for you, do not hesitate to rely on our company incorporation consultants who can explain the benefits of this program.

Why choose Estonia digital citizenship instead of a traditional residence permit

Estonia is one of the most advances countries in the world, with a percentage of 98 of the population to have digital IDs. Also, more than 91% of the Estonian citizens and residents use the internet to resolve their administrative issues.
However, in order to obtain full Estonian citizenship, you must live in the country at least 5 years based on a permanent residence permit.
Apart from these, here are a few interesting things about Estonia digital citizenship:
  • - in 2019, more than 53,719 people from 175 countries around the world applied for e-citizenship;
  • - 7,800 of them incorporated companies in Estonia;
  • - they were able to register their businesses remotely 100%.
If you are interested in e-citizenship in Estonia, contact our agents right away!


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