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Change the Registered Office of Your Estonian Company

Updated on Monday 30th August 2021

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Change-the-Registered-Office-of-Your-Estonian-CompanyIt is quite easy to open a company in Estonia and both local and foreign investors benefit from similar requirements related to the company registration procedure. One of these requirements refer to the company to have a legal or registered address in Estonia in order to be considered a resident company.

A company’s registered address can remain the same for as long as it incorporated in Estonia, however, the shareholders can also decide to change the business’ legal address.

Below, our company formation specialists in Estonia explain how to change the registered address of a company. We can assist those who want to change their company’s registered addresses or set up new companies in this country.

Company registered address requirements in Estonia

Having a legal address in Estonia is a mandatory requirement stipulated by the Company Law for all types of businesses established here. From sole traders to branches and subsidiaries of foreign companies, having a legal address that indicates the business’ fiscal domicile is necessary if the company will undertake any type of activities in Estonia.

According to the law, an Estonian company’s registered address:

  • - must be selected by the company’s shareholders prior to starting the incorporation procedure;
  • - must be written in the company’s Articles of Association and bylaws (where applicable);
  • - must contain a street name, number and city, as well as other identification elements if required;
  • - will be used as a primary point of contact by the Estonian Trade Register and Tax and Customs Board, as well as by clients and business partners;
  • - must be displayed on all official documents issued by the Estonian company, as well as on its seal.

It is possible for a company to have more than one addresses, however, the first address registered with the Trade Register will be used as a legal address of the business.

It is useful to know that foreign investors can use a virtual office in the first stage of the Estonian company formation procedure. Following that, the legal address of the company can be changed. However, this is not the only reason for changing an Estonian company’s registered address.

Reasons for changing an Estonian company’s legal address

There are several situations which can lead to changing a company’s legal address or making various amendments in an Estonian business. Among these, the situation described above where the shareholders use a virtual office to incorporate the Estonian company will require them to change the registered address.

Considering most of the office spaces are rented for limited periods of time, the expiration date on a lease or rental contract can also determine an Estonian company to change its registered address.

Another common change in the legal address of a company in Estonia is moving its operations from one city to another.

No matter the reason, the change in an Estonian company’s registered address must be notified to the Companies Register.

If you want to open a company in Estonia and need information on how to choose a legal address, our local advisors can guide you. We can also assist with virtual office services in Estonia.

Steps fort changing an Estonian company’s registered address

When making changes in a company in Estonia there are several steps which need to be respected. These usually imply:

  1. holding a shareholders’ meeting in which the change in the legal address is voted and recorded;
  2. a notification on the change of the registered address is filed with the Estonian Trade Registrar;
  3. then, the company’s Articles of Association must be amended with the new legal address;
  4. the company’s seal and letterhead on official documents must also be modified with the new address;
  5. all relevant authorities, clients and business partners will need to be notified about the change in the legal address.

If you need help in changing your Estonian company’s registered address, our consultants can help. We can also assist with the amendment of the business’ Articles of Association.

Reasons to invest in Estonia

Estonia is one of the most economically and technologically advanced countries in the European Union. In the last few years, the Estonian economy has followed an upward trend, as numbers indicate:

  • - that by the end of 2019, the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will increase by 2,2%;
  • - the quarterly GDP growth reported by the end of 2019 is expected to be of 0.8%;
  • - 2020 is expected to bring a higher GDP – 3%, according to estimations;
  • - the unemployment rate for 2019 is expected to decrease to 4,2% in Estonia.

Investors interested in investing in cryptocurrency businesses can find attractive investment options in the country. A requirement is to obtain the proper license, such as the Estonia cryptocurrency exchange license, when providing thsi particular type of services.

If you need help in changing your Estonian company’s legal address, please contact our company formation agents.


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