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Set up a Fast Food in Estonia

Updated on Monday 08th January 2018

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set-up-a-fast-food-in-estonia.jpgThe food industry in Estonia is one of the most developed industries in production volume in the country, with a favorable environment for consumers since 2016.
In this article, our Estonian company formation consultants analyze certain important aspects concerning setting up a fast food restaurant in Estonia.

Requirements for a fast food in Estonia

Fast food businesses in Estonia are regulated by the Food Act. According to this act, any business which intends to activate in this field must, among others:
Submit a notice of economic activities to the Veterinary and Food Board in Estonia for handling food and manufacture, process and distribute food contact materials, as well as articles;
Gather a detailed list of handling and food groups;
Acquire an activity license in order to handle food;
If the business grows its own livestock, it has to record with the register of farm animals according to the Infectious Animal Disease Control Act;
Other requirements: our company formation advisors in Estonia can offer further information on what these other requirements may consist of.

The Veterinary and Food Board in Estonia

The Veterinary and Food Board (VFB) in Estonia was set up in 2000 and it represents a governmental agency which effectuates its duties under the Ministry of Agriculture.
Among the responsibilities of the VFB, our company registration professionals in Estonia would like to mention that it issues approvals for businesses which deal with handling foodstuffs and persons who establish the quality classes of carcasses.

Fast food establishments in Estonia

When opening a fast food in Estonia, the procedure involving setting up such a company is similar to that of any business entity in the country.
The most popular forms of business establishments in Estonia are the private limited company and the public limited one.
In order to set up a limited liability company in the country, the first step is to choose a company name. Next, the shareholders have to register the office and the company business address. 
If you would like to know more details about how to open a fast food in Estonia, or if you would like to open any other type of an Estonian company, we invite you to contact our staff.

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