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Estonia - a Competitive Economy


Estonia is an attractive place for foreign investors because of the local economy which is highly developed and a has favorable business environment based on the openness and flexibility principles.

Corporate Tax Rate on Regular Dividend Payments to be Reduced


The Government of Estonia plans on making a number of tax changes to encourage investment and reduce the tax burden for lower-earning categories of individuals. The reform includes an important change to the corporate income tax as well as other taxes but does not change the current VAT value. These tax changes concern all those investors willing to open an Estonian company

Estonia's Economic Growth in 2016

Estonia recorded a 2.7 percent growth in the last quarter of 2016, an important advancement that remained unpredicted by analysts throughout the year. A significant component to this growth has been the information and technology sector – a business field that offers many opportunities to foreign investors and to those who want to open an Estonian company.

4 Small Business Ideas in Estonia


Local of foreign persons who want to enter the business market by opening a small company have several options in this sense, as there are many businesses which carry out operations with few employees or with a small capital. Such businesses, if managed in a proper manner, can develop fast, at least from a financial point of view. Our team of Estonian company formation specialists can assist those who want to open a small business throughout all the steps of the incorporation process. 

5 Tips for Growing a Business in Estonia


Estonia can provide many business opportunities to foreign investors. However, it is important to know that there are several ways through which the potential of the company can be further developed, in order to maximize the outcome of the business activities carried out here. Our team of Estonian company formation specialists can provide assistance on the general ways in which a business can be boosted; they can also offer specific advice, established in accordance with the needs of the company. 

The Estonian Economy Increased by 0.7%


Foreign investors who are interested in the Estonian business environment should know that the local economy increased by 0.7% in the last quarter of 2015, compared to the same period of 2014. Entrepreneurs who want to set up a company in Estonia can receive professional assistance on this matter from our local company formation specialists. 

Budget Changes in Estonia


The draft budget for 2016 focuses on promoting growth. The Estonian Government is already working on certain measures to be included in the budget that will promote foreign investments in the country by easing the taxes on labor. One of these favorable changes includes tax cuts aimed at lowering the burden for workers in Estonia and their families. Our company registration experts in Estonia can help you with special services for tax compliance and tax minimization.

Tax Reforms Passed in Estonia

The Estonian Government has managed to pass most of the planned tax reforms, despite the fact that the Prime Minister has faced some opposition for these changes. The goal of the reforms is to shift the tax burden away from labor and thus make room for more employments in Estonia and more economic growth. Our company registration experts in Estonia are prepared to give you detailed information about any tax changes in the country.

A simplified procedure for company dissolution in Estonia starting with January 2015


The new amendments recently brought to the Estonian Commercial Code also concern company dissolution and other regulations for private limited companies. The amendments have been welcomed by foreign investors in Estonia, as the company dissolution process was more complicated for certain types of Estonian companies. Our company registration experts in Estonia can help you if you need to initiate the company dissolution procedure.

Future tax changes beneficial for foreign investors in Estonia


A look at the future tax changes planned by the Estonian Government seems promising for foreign investors willing to start businesses in the country. Some of the objectives include modernizing the existing infrastructure and encouraging investments. Labor taxes are also likely to be cut in order to encourage investments. Our company registration experts in Estonia can offer you detailed information about the current taxation system and how your business can comply with the taxation requirements.

Dental travel in Estonia


Estonia is a country that has a lot to offer: from a good business climate to beautiful landscapes. The small country is located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, which puts it in close proximity to other important countries, like Finland, Sweden or Russia. Tourists who travel to Estonia seek more than relaxation, as dental tourism in Estonia is one branch or medical travel that is expanding rapidly. The high-quality services have well balanced costs and foreign patients are common in important cities like Tallinn



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