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4 Small Business Ideas in Estonia

Written by: Bridgewest

4-Small-Business-Ideas-in-Estonia.jpgLocal of foreign persons who want to enter the business market by opening a small company have several options in this sense, as there are many businesses which carry out operations with few employees or with a small capital. Such businesses, if managed in a proper manner, can develop fast, at least from a financial point of view. Our team of Estonian company formation specialists can assist those who want to open a small business throughout all the steps of the incorporation process

1. Open an e-commerce business in Estonia 

When opening a company in Estonia, any investor, regardless of the capital he or she can dispose of in order to set up the business, should consider registering an e-commerce business. This type of business activity is one of the most attractive at the moment, due to its flexibility. An important aspect is that such businesses can address to a larger consumer market, which is not limited only to the city in which the company is operated, but to an international public
Although the Estonian population reaches only 1,3 million persons, a large proportion of it, of 530,000 people, is already familiar with the on-line shopping


2. Set up a telecommunication company in Estonia 

It is advisable to start a telecommunication business in Estonia, as the country represents a very advanced economy in this sense. Moreover, the local authorities have created regulatory measures to increase the competitiveness level in the field.  
Estonia benefits of a solid telecommunication system, which is also developed in the rural areas. It is important to know that the broadband services are delivered to the final customer at the minimum speed of 100Mb/s; our team of Estonian company incorporation representatives can offer more details on the business permits needed for companies set up in this field. 


3. Open a food related business in Estonia 

Another way to establish a business presence on the Estonian market is through a food company, which can be set up as a fast-food, a restaurant and many others. The food industry is the largest one in terms of production volume. 
The main sub-sector is the dairy industry, which delivers to the local and international market dairy products, ranging from milk to cheese, condensed milk and related products. 

4. Set up a spa or beauty salon in Estonia 

The Estonian culture is deeply connected to the spa industry and this type of business activity can thrive here, as the locals are interested in their well-being. 
Businessmen interested in receiving assistance on the incorporation process of a small business in Estonia can contact our Estonian company formation agents


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